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Of course, I’m not actually a part-time mummy. Once you give birth you are connected to the small person you’ve birthed 24/7. What I am is a mummy to a six-year-old whose father I have separated from. So far so bitter, right? Well not in our case, as we are as amicable as we can be and we also co-parent our son with a split residency arrangement whereby B spends four days a week with me and three with his dad. This blog is about my experiences with the changes in life both the separation and the co-parenting have brought about and how I deal with the days when my son is with his dad and I am left with the challenge of what to do with my days when the house doesn’t echo with ‘mummy, mummy’.

  • How to fall out of love…

    27th Aug 2019 by

    Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Søren Kierkegaard I’m not sure when I first realised that I no longer loved my husband. It may have been last summer when I first articulated the phrase to my boss and the words that had been swirling round in my mind came… Read more

  • How to burn fearlessly…

    20th Dec 2019 by

    We are here to burn fearlessly…. I came across this quote recently and something about it really chimed with me. I have been trying to find myself after me and my boy’s dad split up, and some days I do well at burning brightly as me, and other days I hang my head down, as… Read more

  • How to be more mindful…

    19th Dec 2019 by

    Today’s message required me to push the boat out a bit in terms of the space needed on my arm, so I thought I’d try a bit of calligraphy too! I’m going through a difficult phase with a close friend, who keeps pushing me away on a regular basis. Remembering some of the good times… Read more

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